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I have a good selection of pistols for sale.  If you don't see what you need, feel free to call.  I can check my suppliers to see if I can get what you want.

Since I don't get on here often enough to keep the sight up to date, it is always better to call.  I always carry most of the items on the sight but since I do shows, the inventory always changes.

American Tactical Imports Pistols

ATIFX 1911 MIL 45

Beretta Pistols

Beretta Pico2 mags, 1 w/ pinky ext380

Browning Pistols


Chiappa Pistol

Chiappa1911-222 mags, wood grips22 LR

Glock Pistols

Glock 17 Gen 42/17 rnd mags9mm
Glock19 Gen 42/15 rnd mags9mm
Glock21 Gen 32/13 rnd mags45
Glock23 Gen 32/13 rnd mags40
Glock26 Gen 43/10 round Magazines9mm
Glock27 Gen 32/9 round magazines40 sw
Glock30 Gen 43/10 rnd mags45 acp
Glock 30SFGen3 2/10 rnd mags45 acp
Glock422 mags380 acp
Glock432 mags9mm
Glock482 mags9mm


HiPointCF3802 Tone380 acp
HiPointC9BLK 8 shot9mm
HiPointJCPBlack, 10 shot40 sw
HiPointJHPBlack 9 Shot45 acp

Rock Island Armory Pistols

Rock Island ArmoryBaby Rock.380
Rock Island Armory1911-2222LR
Rock Island Armory19115" 45 acp
Rock Island Armory1911 MS 4.25" 9mm
Rock Island Armory1911 A15" Blue9mm
Rock Island Armory1911 Ultra3.5, 4.25 or 5'45

Ruger Pistols

RugerLCPBlue w 1, 6 round magazine & Soft Case380 acp
RugerLCP-PPink Frame380 acp
RugerLCP-CTCrimson Trace Laser380 acp
RugerSecurity15 rnd9mm
RugerLC9 SNew Striker Fired Version of LC99mm
RugerLC9S-MGSame as above in Muddy Girl Camo9mm

SCCY Pistols

SCCYCPX-2 TTStainless Slide9mm
SCCYCPX-2 CBBlack Slide9mm
SCCYCPX-1-TTStainless Slide, w/ Safety9mm
SCCYCPX-1 CBBLK, DAO, w/safety9mm
SCCYCPX-2 CB FDEFDE Frame / Safety9mm
SCCY CPX-1 CB PKPink Frame /Safety9mm
SCCYCPX-1 TT PKPink Frame / SS Slide / Safety9mm

Sig Sauer Pistols

Sig SauerP2382.7", Night Sights, BLK380 acp
Sig SauerP238SAS 2 Tone380 acp
Sig SauerSP20223.9"9mm
Sig SauerP938NightMare9mm
Sig SauerP938Edge9mm
Sig SauerP3209mm/45
Sig SauerP36510 rnd9mm

Smith & Wesson

Smith & WessonSW2222 LR
Smith & WessonBG 380Bodyguard, 2 3/4" barrel New Model W Crimson Trace Laser380 acp
Smith & WessonBG 380 NLsame as above w/o laser380 acp
Smith & WessonSD9 VE2/17 rnd mags9mm
Smith & WessonSD40 VE2/14 rnd mags40 sw
Smith & WessonM&P Shield1/7 & 1/8 rnd mag9mm

Springfield Armory Pistols

Springfield ArmoryXD-9SUB COMPACT9mm
Springfield ArmoryXD9CARRY9mm
Springfield ArmoryXDM10MM

Taurus Pistols

Taurus G2C2/12 RND MAGS9MM
TaurusG2S2/7 rND mags SS OR BLK Slide9MM
TaurusSPECTRUM6/7 RND.380

Walther Pistols

WaltherP222-Tone Nickel Slide22 LR
WaltherPPS M29mm
WaltherPPQ M24"9mm
WaltherPPQ M24"45