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I have a good selection of revolvers for sale. If you don't see what you need, feel free to call. I can check my suppliers to see if I can get what you want.

Since I don't get on here often enough to keep the sight up to date, it is always better to call.  I always carry most of the items on the sight but since I do shows, the inventory always changes.

Charter Arms Revolvers

Charter ArmsPathfinderStainless, 2" Barrel22 Mag
Charter ArmsPink LadyStainless 2:38 spl
Charter ArmsPit BullStainless 2" Barrel9mm
Charter ArmsPit BullStainless 45
Charter ArmsBullDogStainless44 spl

North American Arms

NAAMini5 shot SS22 Short
NAA22MS-HG5 Shot Holster Grip w/Safe22m
NAABlack Widow2", SS, Black Grips22 M

Rock Island Armory

Rock Island ArmoryM2062", wood Grip38 spl
Rock Island ArmoryM2004" Parkerizes38 spl

Ruger Revolvers

RugerGP1003" SS.357mag
RugerGP1004.2" SS or Blued.357mag
RugerGP1006" SS or Blued.357mag
RugerRedhawkSS44 LC

Smith & Wesson Revolvers

Smith & Wesson4421 7/8" SS Hammerless38 spl +p
Smith & Wesson442 1 7/8" Centennial No-Lock, Hammerless38 spl +p
Smith & Wesson6371 7/8"38 spl +p
Smith & Wesson6381 7/8" Shrouded Hammer38 spl +p
Smith & Wesson6421.875" SS 5 shot, Black Grips38 spl +p
Smith & Wesson642-CTCrimson Trace, BLK Grips38 spl +p
Smith & WessonBG38Bodyguard w/ Laser38 spl +p
Smith & Wesson6864" SS357 mag

Taurus Revolvers

TaurusM85 UL2", Blued, 5 shot Ultra Light38 spl +P
TaurusM6052 1/4"357 mag
Taurus6052 1/4" SS357 mag
Taurus605PPoly Protector357 mag